Designing Activism Podcast

Designing Activism

A podcast created out of the passion to increase awareness of “empty activism”, its underlying causes and adverse effects, and how to participate in actionable and tangible advocacy. An AIAS Advocacy initative, created and hosted by yours truly!

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1. Advocacy Platforms

Apologies for the audio, I know it is a sudden and unpleasant change. I will do better next time!

Three special guests: Tim Hawk, FAIA, Chitika Vasudeva (CMU AIAS), and Ethan Moore (KSU AIAS) join me on a discussion about their various avenues to advocacy, as well as a reflection on Student Capitol Hill Day.


2. Is Social Media Bad Activism?

Chitika Vasudeva (recurring 'character'/guest) and I speak about the presence of social media activism and the concept of spreading advocacy efforts via the Internet.

When is social media considered a form of empty activism? How many people even took the time to research the issue they're posting about? Join us as we criticize and take some of the blame when it comes to ineffectively spreading the word through social media. Though sparking conversation about a topic can be beneficial, what comes before the trending topic and the actions taken after the topic has passed can be the most essential examples of effective advocacy.