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Hardcorist Lectores

A studio which reconsiders the relationship between pure form, radical pedagogy, and the creation of spaces for the exploration and development of critical forms of architecture. Link to external studio site.

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Infrastructure Studio

Projects from a studio focused on understanding and organizing the forces that underly urban form, such as resource flow, systems, and water infrastructure.

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New Experimental Theater for NYC Thumbnail Image

New Experimental Theater for NYC

An experimental theater for the World Trade Center Performing Arts Center, tackling the same site, program and constraints as those of the professional design team, with a focus on human experience and sequence.

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High Rise 'Untitled' Thumbnail Image

High Rise 'Untitled'

A project looking at the role of the architectural promenade and how it can be adapted to the typology of the high rise, using Donald Judd’s writings and artistic outputs as intellectual and inspirational ideas for concept.

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Revit Project Thumbnail Image

Revit Project

A Revit modeling project, which practiced Revit software skills, rendering, and walkthroughs.

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Shake Shack Animation Thumbnail Image

Shake Shack Animation

A combination of modeling and animation used to create a playful representation of a Shake Shack meal.

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Environmental Charter School Thumbnail Image

Environmental Charter School

A design for the Environmental Charter School in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA.

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Environment, Form, + Feedback Thumbnail Image

Environment, Form, + Feedback

An environmentally conscious design in the Northside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, focusing on sensorially engaging occupants through the power of wind.

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Materials + Assembly Thumbnail Image

Materials + Assembly

Projects from the Materials and Assembly course, focusing on construction systems, assemblies, and the International Building Code.

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Saco Lake Wellness Center Thumbnail Image

Saco Lake Wellness Center

An architectural proposal for a wellness center in New Hampshire, with consideration of the therapeutic benefits and cultural significance of public baths and spas.

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Citra Thumbnail Image


A collaborative hoop house project to extend the growing season of a raised planting bed in a Pittsburgh urban garden.

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Twist Thumbnail Image


A full-scale, furniture-sized wood structure spanning between two supports that can carry substantial loads from above.

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