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Human Factors Journal - Tazza D'Oro

Carnegie Mellon University

Second Year | Fall 2016


This course explored how human factors influence the design, construction and occupancy of the environments we create, and the relationships between space and our bodies and senses. It examines how the spaces we occupy affect our perception of ourselves and others, as well as how other fields address and contribute to these relationships. This also explores how these relationships have influenced the formation of architectural theory.

The observation journal presents concepts in increasing scales—from the body scale to the urban setting. Chapters include content about Body + Senses, Perception + Cognition, Behavior + Environment, and Social+ Environment.

In collaboration with Annie Zhang, Christine Zhu, and Emily DeGrandpre.

Observation Journal Documentation

Observation Journal Pages 10-11

Observation Journal Pages 18-19

Observation Journal Pages 14-15

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Observation Journal Pages 44-45

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