HACKATHON ENTRY: HACKCMU 2016 [Carnegie Mellon University]

Identity | Logo | Design | Frontend

Mobile Web App | 2016


When we were brainstorming for ideas, we really wanted to create something that was fun to make as well as functional and meaningful. We finalized an idea that was a combination of both something that applied to our daily lives and an application that we could actually potentially use in the future.TAILOR’D focuses on making the most important choice of the day an easy decision; choosing the outfit you’ll wear. With an auto-generating closet based on complementary color palettes, and an easy way to view your closet virtually, you’ll never spend too long trying on outfits in the morning again.


For TAILOR’D, we used Ionic as a framework for an iOS app. With Ionic, we used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code the front end and all of the user interface/interaction. The backend, written in Python and using Flask, determined which images matched the color palettes and returned that information to our front end.

In collaboration with Kristin Yin, Tiffany Zhu, and Christina Ou.

Made with HTML, CSS, & little bit of magic (called Handlebars.js) 😊

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