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Working Knowledge Podcast

A new podcast!

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Face Mask Donation Initiative

Handmade face masks, made by yours truly. Not only will a purchase of masks go towards assuring your safety and those around you, but ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to an NPO in need. External Link.

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Craft and Seam Etsy Store

Handmade creative products and items! External Link.

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Designing Activism Podcast

A podcast created out of the passion to increase awareness of “empty activism”, its underlying causes and adverse effects, and how to participate in actionable and tangible advocacy.

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Lunar Gala 2020 - Coated

A 8-piece fashion line for the Lunar Gala 2020 Fashion Show. Coated explores the combination of British outerwear and fringe edging techniques.

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Lunar Gala 2018 - SURFACE Thumbnail Image

Lunar Gala 2018 - SURFACE

A 10-piece fashion line for the Lunar Gala 2018 Fashion Show. SURFACE explores the issue of the distortion and trivialization of the human body into objects of desire.

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Photographing America

Photos documenting views and perceptions of "America".

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A collection of my past artwork.

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