Position: Experience Designer
June 2018 - August 2018


(From BlueCrew's website, accessed January 2019)

BlueCrew is an on-demand staffing platform for temporary workers. We are an IAC backed company looking to change the future of work by adding transparency to a antiquated staffing world. We are the best platform to quickly fill low complexity positions with high quality workers. Our matching algorithm and app based approach allow us to quickly employ thousands of low income workers in the Bay Area, LA, Austin, Denver, St. Louis, Reno, and across the country doing jobs like warehouse work, stadium concessions, and delivery roles.

We have a big mission here at BlueCrew. We believe hard work makes us stronger, as well as that anyone who wants to work should be able to work. Our goal is to change the way that hourly workers access work.


  • - The hub is located in the San Juan Islands on the main island of San Juan.
  • - The display is only for this hub.
  • - The display is a data-driven interactive touchscreen, i.e., you cannot use a smartphone to interact with the screen.
  • - Apply asic tenets of type, color, composition, grid, information hierarchy, interactions, etc., to apply to your design.
  • - The display will require the use of simple animations for interactive elements and to signal data changes.
  • - Consider adding additional information and visual elements to enhance the experience.

All products designed for BlueCrew, with appropriate permission to reuse.

Older version of the BlueCrew Scheduled Jobs Interface