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Planet Parasite

15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science

Third Year | Fall 2017


To design and implement a program of my choosing using Python. Planet Parasite was developed as a final term project for 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science. This project was designed to be fun as well as educational and representational of the knowledge gained from the course.

Your goal as a parasite is to capture as many uninhabited planets as you can without dying. Developing planets grow with time and randomly erupt into the form of an inhabited planet. For every time you are caught within the safety zone of these inhabited planets (dotted line) you get attacked and lose a life. Use the arrow keys to navigate around the parasite around in space, and collect as many uninhabited planets and powerups as you can. Different powerups give the parasite different powers. The Parasite also has limited attack mode, which can destroy developing planets before they become inhabited.

Github Repository here.

Video Documentation

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