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Saco Lake Wellness Center

Carnegie Mellon University

Second Year | Spring 2017
Studio Coordinator: Jeremy Ficca
Studio Professor: Jennifer Lucchino


Expand considerations of materiality and architectural atmosphere to include water, in its various states in the context of a bathhouse. Consider the therapeutic benefits and cultural significance of public baths and spas, and develop an architectural proposal for a Wellness Center. Reference ancient traditions that utilize water of various temperatures and states to rejuvenate and heal.

Site Location: Near the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Highland Center Lodge in the mountains of New Hampshire.


  1. Cold Pool
  2. Warm Pool
  3. Hot Pool
  4. Dry Sauna
  5. Herbal Steam Room
  6. Relaxation Space
  7. Securable Entrance and Mudroom
  8. Changing Facilities and Service Areas


  1. Three Basins
  2. Thermae
  3. Saco Lake Wellness Center

Process A: Three Basins

The first approach to the project focused on one of the most fundamental levels of architecture; the spatial and material nature of architecture and how it contributes to the atmosphere we experience with our senses and our bodies.

Heavy Concrete

Heavy Concrete

Heavy Wood

Heavy Wood

Process B: Thermae

Building upon the previous atmospheric attempts, this next step works on materiality and the material systems’ relationship to water to create programmatic spaces.

Concept Collage

Concept Collage

Concept Collage

Concept Collage

Material and Concept Render

Process C: Wellness center

This last phase expands the questions, positions, and motivations to date with increased attention toward building envelope and structure, including wood and concrete construction and architectural atmosphere.


Site Plan



Interior Render

Exterior Render


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