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Shake Shack Animation

Carnegie Mellon University

Fifth Year | Fall 2019
48-568 Advanced CAD, BIM, and 3D Visualization
Professor: Kristen Kurland

Project Introduction

The project began as an exercise in modeling and rendering in AutoCAD, and evolved into an animation project using 3DS Max. The result was a "commercial-style" animation of the construction of a Shake Shack meal.

Received class awards for both Top Voted AutoCAD project and Top Voted 3DS Max Project.

Model and Animation Requirements:

  • Multiple cameras
  • Multiple lights
  • Multiple, interesting materials
  • At least 1 animated object
  • At least 1 special effect (liquid, wind, etc)
  • Sound
  • Animation Movie

AutoCAD Renders

Modeled from scratch, using AutoCAD tools, materials and lights. Imported fries from a Rhino 3D file.

3DS Max Renders

Imported previous model from AutoCAD to start animation and lighting setup.



Pouring Concrete

Closing Lid

Straw Delivery

Video Animation

Made with HTML, CSS, & little bit of magic (called Handlebars.js) 😊

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