Carnegie Mellon University

First Year | Spring 2016
Studio Coordinator: Kai Gutschow
Studio Professors: Kent Suhrbier, Annie Ranttila, and Gretchen Craig


Twist was a partner project to design and build a full-scale, furniture-sized wood structure spanning between two supports that can carry substantial loads from above (e.g. a small person). It needed to focus on creative and tectonic expression, as well as efficiency, structural performance, and stability.

In Collaboration with Harshvardhan Kedia.


Initially, we combined our ideas and tried many different designs before deciding to focus and iterate upon our final concept. Many of these initial designs focused on the structural aspect of a "skin." This eventually led to our first half-scale model, where we incorporated structure in our "twist" concept. Our second half-scale model then focused on finalizing our design, and put us on the path to creating workable joinery.

Group Iteration

Group Iteration Designs

Half Scale Model 1

Skeleton of a twisting motion

Half Scale Model 2

Prototype of twisting planes

Final Design - Models

Final Design - Shop Drawings

In order to build this model, we created shop drawings of our design, focusing on representation and clarity. We used these series of drawings for measurements and instructions for the cut and assembly of our final span project. See the entire shop documentation here.


Connection Detail: Triangles

Connection Detail: Dowels

Assembly of Modules

Subassembly 2

Subassembly 3

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