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An overview of the Design System created for MediaMath during Summer 2020. Includes typography, page interaction, form components, and mockups to test the Design System.

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A collection of work designed and created for BlueCrew during Summer 2019; includes mobile experience + interaction designs, branding + advertisement products, and a complete style guide.

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An activity book designed for learning about water in the Anthropocene.

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Biotechnosphere Bathroom

A built installation space that fosters mutualistic interactions between human and fish.

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Taking over development of tech.soa, an online ecosystem of architectural design technology resources offered to and by CMU SoA.

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A small project designing an educational learning app for users to share cooking tips and recipes, learn from other users and chefs, or sign up to attend cooking courses at their local supermarket.

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Planet Parasite

Planet Parasite was developed as a final term project for 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science.

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A summer research project for the School of Computer Science investigating and designing an innovative new grading/educational portal for 15-210 students.

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Food Now

A small project designing a responsive website to find non-university food options around campus, namely, food trucks and food cars.

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Atlantis Transportation Hub

A design for an interactive, data-driven display using data about a fictional transport hub called the “Atlantis Transportation Hub” for the San Juan Islands.

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Streamline is a prototype for a LED light installation occupying the central atrium of the Pittsburgh International Airport.

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Fragmented Energy

Fragmented Energy is a prototype for a peripheral display unit that displays energy usage of a building on campus.

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Garden Flow

Garden Flow is a projection installation that makes the garden into an ideal space for yoga. We were inspired by Zen Gardens and wanted to provide similar ambiance and experience for our clients.

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Data Mechanics

A small project for a start up, Data Mechanics, which includes a landing page build, custom assets, typography direction, and simple branding guidelines.

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A full webpage remodel of the product, PriceYak, including branding, logo work, and front end.

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A full webpage remodel of the product, subtotal, including branding, logo work, and front end.

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